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Fixtures 2007 LLangefni and Ocean Science
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Mid Week League contacts
9th MAY and 4th July
AAM   v   Menai Bridge   at AAM
Beaumaris   v   Ang.Police   at M.Bridge
Llangefni   v   Anchorage   at Llangefni
The Medics   v   Bodedern   at Bangor CC

16th MAY and 11th July
Llangefni   v   AAM   at Llangefni
Menai Bridge   v   The Medics   at M.Br'ge
Anchorage   v   Beaumaris   at AAM
Bodedern   v   Anglesey Police   at Boded

23rd May and 18th July
Beaumaris   v   AAM   at Menai Bridge
The Medics   v   Llangefni   at Bangor CC
Ang.Police   v   M.Bridge   at Llangefni
Anchorage   v   Bodedern   at   AAM

30th May and 25th July
Anchorage   v   Ang.Police   at AAM
Beaumaris   v   The Medics   at M.Bridge
Llangefni   v   Menai Bridge   at Llangefni
Bodedern   v   AAM   at Bodedern  

6th June and 1st August
The Medics   v   Anchorage   at Bangor CC
AAM   v   Ang.Police   at AAM
Llangefni   v   Beaumaris   at Llangefni
Menai Bridge   v   Bodedern   at Menai B'ge

13th June and 8th August
Llangefni   v   Ang.Police   at Llangefni
AAM   v   Anchorage   at AAM
Beaumaris   v   Menai Bridge   at M.Br'ge

20th June and 15th August
Anchorage   v   Menai Bridge   at AAM
Ang.Police   v   The Medics   at   Llangefni
Beaumaris   v   Bodedern   at Menai.B'ge

27th June and 22nd August
AAM   v   The Medics   at AAM
Bodedern   v   Llangefni   at Bodedern

Reverse fixtures commence 4th July

Tuesday 15th May:
RSPB vs Auckland Arms
Tuesday 22nd May:
Chemistry Department vs SDX
Tuesday 29th May:
Ocean Sciences vs CCW
Tuesday 5th June:
Tuesday 12th June:
Tuesday 19th June:
Tuesday 26th June:
Tuesday 3rd July:

Tuesday 31st July:
No game scheduled

Tuesday 7th August:
SDX vs Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH)

Tuesday 14th August:
Environment Agency vs CEH

Tuesday 21st August:
Chemistry vs CEH
Ocean Science Fixtures
The arrow shows where we are in the season!